Saturday, September 22, 2012

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray

My hair has unfortunately finally let go of the perm I had done about a year ago, so last week in an effort to make it look pretty again I curled it all myself. I'm not a big fan of curling my hair, and then caking on hair spray.  I don't really like the crunch or the fact that my hand always feels a little sticky if I play with it once the hair spray is in there. Plus it's not like I use a lot of hair spray when I use it.  My hair holds curl pretty well on it's own.  The hair spray is just a back up plan.
I'd purchased Suave Professionals touchable finish Hairspray at Target a few months ago when it was almost free, but hadn't used it until the curling event last week.  I am in love.  The packaging lists an Ultra Fine Mist, and it is not lying.  It sprayed on light, left no crunch, and had a light, pretty scent.  As a bonus my hair stayed curled from 8am until 10pm when I slept on it and ruined the curls.  I would purchase this product again!

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