Saturday, September 22, 2012

ULTA Beauty Salon


A couple months ago Seventeen Magazine was giving away 1,000 free hair cut and style sets at ULTA Beauty Salon to their readers.  I was selected as one of the 1,000 winners, and the girls and I decided on Tuesday that we would all go get summer cuts.  Our appointments were yesterday afternoon at the ULTA Beauty Salon in Woodbury MN. All three of us showed up with the pictures of cuts we'd already picked out in hand. Each of us started with a shampoo in the most comfortable salon chairs I've ever laid my head back in.  Unlike most of the places I've been (which pretty much only include Beauty Schools, Great Clips, and Fantastic Sams) I didn't have to fold my neck basically backwards so the stylist could wash my hair.  As an added bonus the sinks were adjustable so Amber who is quite short (Sorry Amber :) ) could have her sink adjusted so that she would also be comfortable.  When the cuts started my stylist confirmed every length of layer she would cut so that she was giving me exactly the style I wanted.  She was professional with her conversations and very friendly.  She knew that I was very nervous about going short so she made sure I was alright with everything explaining how it would fall and look. The only thing I wasn't a 100% fan of was the style at the end itself.  When she styled my hair she styled it more as a poofy bob, and the picture I'd brought it was straight and in pieces.  The cut itself was perfect and exactly what I wanted though so when I got home I just straightened it for the look I'd been going for. Sarah and Amber's hair cuts and styles were gorgeous!  As new customers each of their cuts with style were $30.  Originally $35. As we walked out the door Sarah left 10 inches of hair behind from her layers, I left 7 inches from my length, and Amber left 5 inches from her length behind.  We are beauty prepared for summer! 


Originally posted on May 31, 2012. Here.

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