Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dole Real Fruit Bites

A 90 calorie Dole Real Fruit Bites, Apple Chunks, arrived in my mail today.  I'm not sure why because I do not remember them giving away samples, but I am quite forgetful so it is possible.  Otherwise perhaps I unknowingly won a sample in the 3 Steps to True Bliss IWG.  Either way is fine with me! :)

I was feeling a bit hungry when my sample arrived.  I snapped a picture for our facebook page and dug right in.  I didn't read the package fully at first and was expecting to find freeze dried apple chunks.  To my happy surprise some soft pebble like things poured out into my hand.  Then I read the part "Real Fruit Bites with Yogurt and Whole Grain Oats."  So I popped one in my mouth.  Unlike most yogurt bites I've had in the past these were not hard on the outside, and they weren't so soft that they crumbled apart.  It was the perfect mixture of a granola like subtle taste and only a hint of yogurt, with a splash of apple. The texture was not grainy or chalky.  After finishing the 90 calorie bag I can honestly report there is no bad after taste. As a snack I think these bags are the perfect size, but I have not had my breakfast yet so I think I'll have a small piece of toast to finish filling my belly this morning.  This is definitely I product I would purchase. 

I had already eaten at least 3 larger bites before taking this picture so it is an inaccurate image of the quantity your 90 calorie packs would contain.  I just wanted you to see what they look like. :)

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