Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Banana Split Ice Cream

After some quality time with my family at the creek yesterday we headed home for ice cream.  A much cheaper route than making our way to an ice cream shoppe.  I spent the weekend at my parents house, and mom's freezer is always packed with tasty treats!  This weekend the tastiest treat was Blue Bunny's Sweet Freedom Banana Split Ice Cream.  I stuffed a few waffle cones to the brim then added a couple scoops on top and my father, nephew, and I all dug in.  This ice cream is a dream!  It's an impossible improvement on the amazingly delicious original banana split.  Blue Bunny's line of Sweet Freedom Ice Creams are no sugar added, light ice creams, but I swear on everything I've ever loved that you would never know you were eating "light" ice cream. The Banana Split version is light vanilla ice cream with tons of strawberry banana and chocolate swirls, large flavorful cherry chunks, an almost never ending supply of nut pieces, and diced pineapples.  Unlike the last few Dairy Queen Blizzards I've had, this ice cream is packed with goodies.  Blue Bunny is not skimping on anything! I especially love it in a waffle cone! Although I would happily eat the ice cream alone if there were no cones available.  <3

Originally posted on May 28, 2012 here.

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