Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bella Bars

Recently I contacted Bella Bar to request samples and offered to write a review.  They very generously sent me 4 full size Bella Bars.  I promise never to lie to promote a company.  Free or not I will never give you a dishonest opinion.  With that being said I can 100% honestly say I definitely enjoyed these bars!  I was sent 1 Chocolate Nut Raw Bar, 1 Cinnamon Nut Raw Bar, and 2 Athena Blueberry Greek Yogurt Bars.

  • Chocolate Nut Raw Bar: Although the first ingredient listed in these bars is Dates I was pleasantly surprised with how chocolatey the flavor was.  I'm aware that this bar is healthy for me, but not because of it's taste. It was almost like a brownie bar.  Very good. 
  • Cinnamon Nut Raw Bar: The first ingredient listed in this bar is also Dates, but the real flavor of the bar is Cinnamon.  I feel like this bar is very similar to a Cinnamon Raisin Roll conveniently ready for On-The-Go convenience! 
  • Athena Blueberry Greek Yogurt Bar: I saved the best for last! I'm not a huge fan of Blueberry usually, but this bar was fantastic! The flavors were so perfect if I hadn't already known what I was eating was good for me, I would have guessed the opposite.  Natural has never been better! This bar was a perfect late breakfast! 
I found that the bars were filling and flavorful enough that I could eat just half for a full meal, and save the other half to enjoy later.  The flavors were sincerely delicious.  In my opinion they make a healthy, all natural, cheap alternative to many prepackaged bars. You can check them out  Let me know what you decide to order! 

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