Friday, October 5, 2012

Woolzies Dryer Balls

          Like almost everyone else, I'm definitely for "going green." Unfortunately living on a budget due to the economy and life in general sometimes makes that nearly impossible. Luckily there is an All Natural replacement for fabric softeners (sheets or liquid) that will allow you to Go Green and save money, in more ways than one!

1.       Each box of Woolzies Dryer Balls will last at least one full year or 500 loads of laundry (usually longer). At only $35.99 per box with free shipping anywhere in the USA or Canada, and only $6.95 to ship everywhere else in the world that's about $0.07 per load. 

2.       As the dryer balls bounce around with your clothes in the dryer they create more space for the hot air to circulate, automatically cut down on your energy costs. On the website Woolzies estimates your drying time will be reduced by about 25% for a large load and 35-40% for a small load. My percentage was slightly better than that. Normally I set the dryer at the Extra Heavy setting, and then we have to set it for a little longer before the clothes are completely dry if its a load with bulky items. To get the best comparison I washed a load of mostly sweatshirts and towels with just a few t-shirts and started them at only the Light setting. Just before the timer was about to go off I opened the door and felt around. Because the clothes were not yet dry I reset the dryer for a long time that would have been equal to starting the dryer at Medium in the beginning. Happily they were dry after that so I removed them from the dryer at about 50% reduced drying time. 
Since I was only able to compare with one load I asked my mom to use the Woolzies Dryer Balls with her clothes the next day. She did, and she reported that her clothes were a tiny bit damp after the Medium dryer setting with the 6 dryer ball. I would like to include in complete honesty that after completing another load of t-shirts and pants today without the dryer balls her clothes were still dry after the Medium time setting. 

          Mom and I both did experience a down side of using Woolzies. Not something bad enough for me to discontinue use, or to make me resist recommending the product. After removing the clothes from the dryer there was quite a bit of static. My clothes lost the static after a few hours of resting in a basket. (I do not fold and hang my clothes until we get to our apartment from my parent's house.)

         Here is the important part. Do I recommend this product? Yes. It's great for the planet and will save you money. That's a win win. Would I purchase this product? I would. Although the $35.99 seems like a large amount to spend all at once, if you compare it to the cost of repeatedly buying dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener you'll find you it's a very reasonable price. Plus think of the money you could save on your electric bill. That's another win win. 

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