Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Healthy Surprise Review

Healthy Surprise is a monthly box subscription that brings you Natural & GMO Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Soy Free snacks right to your door. I was sent a Healthy Surprise box to review a few weeks ago. My box included 16 items. I'd only previous tried 3 of them. 

Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies .95 oz
PitayaPlus Dried Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) 1.5 oz
Apple Pie Coco-Roons 6 oz
Go Raw Lemon Super Cookies 3 oz
Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Crisps 1.69 oz
Hail Merry Orange Rosemary Pecans .88 oz
Sunbiotics Cheesy Almonds 1.5 oz
Gone Nuts Living Intentions White Chocolate Cashews, Almonds, and Cacoa Nibs 3 oz
Happy Hemp 2 oz
Thunderbird Energetica Almond Cookie Pow Wow 48 g
LARABAR Chocolate Chip Brownie .78
Oskri Mango Coconut Bar 1.9 oz
Apple and Mango That's It Bar 1.2 oz
Apple and Apricot That's It Bar 1.2 oz
Caramel Cocomocorn 1 oz (This was shipped 6 weeks past its Best By Date, and was stale. Healthy Surprise offered to replace it with a different product.)  

I loved the way it was packed. I opened the box to find a tissue paper wrapped bundle of goodies. Then, to my surprise, after I removed those snacks from the box there was another tissue wrapped set of treats. The value of all the the items in my box was approximately $47.89. A Starter box from Healthy Surprise costs $33 plus $6.99 for shipping. 

Do I recommend this product? I do recommend the Healthy Surprise Starter Box if you have the extra money, you are new to healthy snacking, and you are looking for a large variety of items to try.  
Would I purchase this product? I would not. Because the end savings was only $7.88 I would rather go to the organic store and pick out products that look appealing to me.

I received this product free for the purpose of this review. My opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I love these subscription boxes because it gives you the chance to try new products you might not normally try (and without the commitment of buying the full-sized products). Just wish some of these were a little less....

  2. Laura I agree that the variety is amazing! The price is just a little steep for the value in my opinion, but you are still saving $7.90 and the gas to go to the store.


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