Monday, October 1, 2012

Are you a member of Influenster?

I am so exciting I might explode! My very first Vox Box is due to arrive this week from I became an Influenster a few months ago, and have been dying to get hold of my first box of products to test out.  
So what exactly is Influenster? Lets let them tell you. Here is a quote from their website. 

Influenster [in-floo-uhn-ster]

An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters (such as yourself) come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other. 2. The hotspot you just bookmarked on your web browser that turns your social influence into sweet rewards.
Basically, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly -- they just want to know what's up)."

Keep in mind this website is NOT about getting free stuff. While you definitely might get your own Vox Box, Influenster is about sharing your thoughts about products. Let everyone know what worked or didn't work for you. Influenster is the place to go to learn about new products, how others liked their experience with items, and throw in your own input. 
If you think might be the right place for you sign up here. or ask me to send you an invite. :) I can't wait to see what you have to say! 

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