Friday, October 5, 2012

Spa Diggity Dog Neem & Aloe Shampoo Bar

If you follow my main blog or friend me on Facebook you know that Dylan (a boxer/lab mix) is my precious baby boy. He has more personality than most of the people I've met, and he knows our family is exactly where he belongs. My nephew and I picked him up when he was about 8 weeks old, and he and I have been together ever since. I would do anything to keep him happy and safe. I'm not crazy. I know that he is a dog, and I am a person. That doesn't change the fact that he completes my little family with Anthony, and it doesn't change the fact that I love him with my whole heart. 
Dylan has sensitive skin that can't handle the average Dog Shampoo. He only has a bath about once every couple of months unless he gets extra stinky in between, but if I use Dog Shampoo his skin is dry, itchy, and flaky for weeks afterward. About a year ago I read online from a few different sources that you could use all natural baby shampoo on dogs with sensitive skin so we gave that a try. While baby shampoo has worked pretty well for us up til now, Dylan isn't in love with the smell, and I know that dogs have a different PH than people. I just have such a hard time spending a lot of money on a shampoo he wont use a second time. 
Spa Diggity Dog very generously sent me a Neem & Aloe Shampoo Bar to try out. I know what you're probably thinking: "A Shampoo BAR?" I had my doubts about how well it would lather up too. Last night I ran Dylan a warm bath tub filled about half way up. He reluctantly climbed in and let me wet him down. 
I should mention Dylan isn't really a fan of bath time. He has no problem sneaking his way in to lay on the floor while I shower, but as soon as he hears the tub water running he's as far away as possible.
After he was pretty wet I grab the Spa Diggity Dog Shampoo Bar, dipped in in the bath water, then slid the bar across his back. I am so happy to report that it was instant lather! Not an excessive amount, but a good amount to get him clean. It took very little effort vs. squirting shampoo in my hand and then applying it to his coat since I would have to get more at least 3 times. Using the bar was much easier. I ran the bar along his back, his sides, his chest, legs, and tummy. He hates to have his face washed, but because I haven't washed his face in at least 2 bath times I had to do it last night. I used just the tiniest corner of the bar to get a little bit of soap on his face and washed it off right away. Dylan handled it quite well. I used a rinse pail to get the soap off of the rest of his body. Again, it took very little effort. I was shocked to feel how waxy his fur was after rinsing out the shampoo. After how much I loved how well it lathered up I was scared it was all for nothing. I thought I was going to have to put him through another bath just to get the waxiness off. Dylan got out of the tub and Anthony dried him off with a towel. We let him relax on a towel on the couch while he dried, and I waited. Once his fur was mostly dry I nervously went to feel his coat. It was wonderfully soft and not waxy like at all. 
I'm very impressed and happy to say that at no point last night did Dylan smell like a "wet dog." Anthony didn't seem to be a big fan of the scent the soap left behind last night, but I don't feel like it was an unpleasant smell. I can't pin point what it smelt like, but I've never smelt Neem before so perhaps that's what it is. That soap smells fresh and full of nature. This morning though Dylan doesn't smell like the soap at all. He just smells like a clean puppy. 
You can purchase a 5.3 oz 100% Natural Neem & Aloe Shampoo bar from for $12.00. Something I will absolutely be doing in the future!

Do I recommend this product? YES! I love this shampoo so much that I will be bringing it over to my parents house so that they can use it on Bear. A chow/lab mix that has been a part of our family since I was in elementary school. She has very thick fur and unfortunately dry skin. Neem has skin-healing properties including the ability to alleviate some of the discomfort and itchiness she deals with everyday. 

Would I purchase this product? I've already stated above and will confirm here that I absolutely will! :)


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