Monday, October 29, 2012

True Citrus Review

Does your family drink to much pop or sugary juices? I enjoy a pop every now and then, but for the most part I'm pretty loyal to water and flavored water. When we go out to eat I always order water with a slice of lemon. Plain water gets a bit boring after a while, but I like to feel hydrated. That slice of lemon is usually enough flavor to conquer the boring. Sometimes I'm left feeling that I want a little more though.

I recently received the opportunity to sample products from True Citrus. True Citrus was started when David Schleider created True Lemon a 100% Natural and 100% Convenient product by crystallizing cold pressed lemon juice and lemon oils. Later True Lime, True Orange, True Grapefruit, and other True Citrus Drink mixes were born.

My sample box included:

  • True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange for Cooking, Baking, and Beverages
  • True Grapefruit for your water
  • True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade and True Lemon Original Lemonade Drink Mixes 

I am completely and totally head over heals in love with True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix. Pour one packet into 16 oz of water and shake or stir. It is so much better than other drink mixes I've tried, and at only 5 calories per packet I can feel great about loving it so much. I liked True Lemon Original Lemonade too, but it didn't hit my taste buds quite as perfectly as the Raspberry Lemonade. 
I love the idea of having Lime and Lemon for recipes packaged so naturally and pure, but not threatening to go bad before I get the chance to use it like fresh Limes and Lemon do. To help prove my point, I haven't gotten around to trying the Lemon, Orange, or Lime packets for baking or cooking purposes, but unlike real fruit these packets will wait around for as long as it takes. Although I wasn't able to try Lime in baking, I did sprinkle a packet onto some chips I was eating the other day. It was very good! I've tried all 3 flavors mixed into water. True Lemon tastes just like Lemon in water, True Lime tastes just like Lime in water, but True Orange tastes slightly like Tang in water. True Grapefruit in water was just as Grapefruity as I expected. :)

As we enter this very blustery and usually fluffy white season people, myself included, generally start to think about their health more often than usual. All of the products I was able to try offer 25% of your daily dose of Vitamin C per serving! These convenient packages can be stashed away in your bag or purse for that extra boost you might need to get through the day. You can easily send your child to school with a water bottle and a True Orange packet for a healthy and natural lunch time drink.  
There are a couple things I still want to try out. I think True Lime or Lemon might be great in my next can of Cola. Do you  think adding True Orange to Vanilla Ice Cream or Frosting will taste like an Orange Dream-Sickle? Hmmm.... :)

To learn more about True Citrus products you can visit their website, "LIKE" them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter.

Do I recommend this product? I do :)
Would I purchase this product? I would :)

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  1. Hey that raspberry lemonade sounds pretty good---I'd drink--in the summer


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