Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best Gift Ever!

If you are, or you know someone who is really into getting fit, or just likes to look good I know of an amazing gift you need to give them! Especially if they are hard to shop for. 

Reason #1. Being someone who is always looking for a deal I have one that I can extend to all of you, but you do have to act fast! (Considering Christmas is coming up next month you are probably already scrambling a little.) You will have to order by November 30, 2012 which is this Friday to get the best deal. Now through 11/30/12 pv.Body will cost $39/month. Starting on December 1st the price will raise $10 because pv.Body is getting awesome new luxurious brands and pieces that weren't available before. BUT the best part is that even though right now the boxes still cost only $39/month the new pieces are already available and will be included in your box if you order now!! Even better.. if you order through this link you will be able to take advantage of a 20% discount!! So your box will cost less than $32! :) :) Oh wait! Did I mention these boxes are full of workout clothes? Not just workout clothes but top of the line fashionable fitness clothes valued at around $139! Plus shipping is free. :) 

 Reason #2. If you decide to order this for a gift (not just for yourself) you can log into the account after the box arrives and pause your membership and let the gifted decide if they would like to continue every month, or if you would rather they open their own membership you can cancel yours. There are no fees or requirements to continue. If you order it for yourself as a special treat for the holidays (or you know, to work off the holiday treats) you can decide to pause or cancel your order also just by logging into your account, but I really believe that once you've received your first box, if you can afford it in your budget every month, you wont want to cancel. 

Reason #3. Perhaps I should tell you what pv.Body is in more detail. For less than $32 your first month (if you buy through this link) pv.Body will send you a brand new, stylish, and comfortable workout outfit. Each box includes a top and a bottom. How do I know you will love your new outfit? pv.Body has a super easy Fitness Style Quiz for you to fill out. If you are ordering as a gift I am willing to bet you already know the answers your gifted would use. The questions include things like what sizes do you normally wear, what workouts do you prefer, and where do you prefer to workout. I'm telling you this is the easiest quiz I've ever taken, and if you don't already know the answers about the person you are gifting they are easy things to casually bring up in a conversation to find out without making them suspicious. And if you are worried because sizes sometimes run small or big in different brands, don't be. pv.Body has it covered. If a certain brand runs smaller in their products, they will send you a size larger. If a different brand runs larger, they will send you a size smaller. Plus if they couldn't quite get it perfect, you can exchange your item for a different one. 

Reason #4. Shopping at the mall can be a nightmare. Especially in the Holiday season when people are frantically scattered everywhere. Not only will you score a better deal on clothes with pv.Body, you also get free shipping straight to your door. 

Reason #5. This is the most important reason of all I think. I am a woman. I am not a fitness addict by any means, but I like to workout when I can find the energy. I like to look good in my clothes. I love to get a great deal on expensive products. Does that sound familiar? Then you might think this is the most important reason of all too. I LOVE pv.Body! I'm addicted! My first box came today and I did a little happy dance. :) (Workout completed) :) My box included a 15love top (which I do indeed love!) and skinny pants from Performance Sportswear by American Apparel. I made a little video so you could see exactly how perfect each piece fit. They were both slimming pieces which you must know I love, and while I wouldn't pair the two pieces together for a night on the town, I would definitely wear the pants with a long sweater and some cute boots out. I think the top would look great with a zip up hoodie (since it's freezing out) and some jeans. For working out the two pieces work wonderfully together. They both stay in place. The pants even have a small pocket on the waistband to slide in your iPod or mp3 player so you can listen to your music without worry about holding onto it, or even accidentally slamming it into a machine at the gym. (It's highly unlikely you'll walk your stomach into a machine hard enough to break an iPod. Although I would likely leave an iPod in my zip up pocket and then sit on it.. oops.)
Check out pv.Body on Facebook, Twitter and shop them here with this link for 20% off. 

I am a part of the pv.Body Ambassador program. Regardless every thought expressed in this post is my own.  

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