Friday, November 2, 2012

52 Days Til Christmas!

I'm am a Christmas fanatic! I blame it on my parents. I grew up in a house full of Christmas decorations and always filled with baked delicious holiday treats! My mom sings Christmas Carols all year long and shops for  the upcoming holiday season every day of the year. I love everything about this time of year other than the cold that comes with the snow. After last years lack of both snow and cold though I am eagerly awaiting our snowfall this year. I'll even try not to complain about the bitter cold temperatures. I want a white Christmas so bad(!), and living in Minnesota should give me the right to a snow filled winter. I'm not just crazy about the food, and the Christmas tree, I'm crazy about the colors and the movies. I'm crazy about the string lights and the giant snow globes. I'm crazy for the mistletoe kisses and watching Dylan leap through the snow. I love the look of candy canes and the fun in taking holiday pictures. I love shopping for unique and special gifts for my family. I could go on and on. You'd never get me to shut up. By the end of this weekend my apartment will be decked from floor to ceiling with Christmas and Winter decorations and I will be in heaven. 
In hopes of spreading my holiday cheer I will be bringing you some gift ideas, food ideas, and maybe picture ideas from now until Christmas. If your in a hurry just type Holiday in the search box on this blog to pull up all related posts. 
I'm planning to take lots of new Christmas pictures this year, but here are a couple pictures from mine and Anthony's first Christmas. My friend Sarah Reller, an incredible photographer took the pictures for us. I'll post some new pictures once we've taken them. I want to hold off until we can have a back drop of snow covered trees. :) 

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  1. I love Christmas, it's my favorite Holiday. My family is from Mexico and we inherit a lot of traditions from my grandparents. I love the food, (tamales, champurrado, bunuelos, ponche, ensalada de nochebuena, romeritos)our Christmas table is like a "never ending buffet" everybody brings something cooked from scratched, and at the table everybody talks at the same time, it's a very special celebration with so much joy and happiness. We also celebrate the "posadas" with pinatas full of candy and give bags of godies to the children. I'm looking forward to this time to break my diet and have fun with my family


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